PODVOR in Tula | Online hotel booking

Room occupancies in Tula depend on the season, business activity and public events. On holidays and weekends occupancy in the hotels increases by several times. Thus, we recommend to reserve rooms beforehand. We do not require advance payment or confirmation by a credit card, except for special offers. But if your plans changed we kindly ask you to cancel your booking using an online system or to contact the front desk.

The Tula “Podvor” hotel is operated by “CUBE” Ltd. (TIN / PSRN: 7107090190 / 1057101169058). Online payments are made via Sberbank.

You may get a 5% discount and a 10% when paying by credit card if you book the rooms on our website. We may offer special terms for the inactive season.
A 10% discount is automatically offered to you on a booking module as a “special offer”.  Online payment by your credit card is a prerequisite for this offer. In case of reservation cancellation the paid up amount shall not be refunded.
The 5% discount is granted without restrictions and penalties. You need to choose the check-in date, duration of stay in the booking module and press button “check availability”. Then enter 300024 in “PROMO CODE" box and press ”OK”.

Long Stay – a 30% discount

бронирование номеров в гостинице

Do you plan to stay in Tula for 15 days or more? 30% discount for accommodation is a weighty argument in advantage of “Podvor” hotel! During the entire 2018 from January 1st tо December 31st inclusively, the “Podvorye” hotel in Tula offers you to save 30% of the current rate for a long stay in the “Comfy” room.
The main precondition for the “Long Stay 15” offers is a 100% advance payment for booking the hotel rooms on our website.
If using the online booking form is inconvenient for you, you may leave your reservation request at our front desk on the phone: +7 (499) 677-52-88.